An error Avast UI Failed to Load can be faced by the users when they update the Avast antivirus software and then restart the PC to launch Avast. You will find that Avast service is not responding. Don’t wag-off! If you also confront such a hurdle as we have Avast Support team who will assist you properly. So, instead of ignoring this hurdle to eliminate, lend a hand with deft connoisseurs very frequently. They will help you out in a cost-effective manner.

Fix Avast UI Failed to Load Error

There are multiple reasons of getting this UI failed to load error message. Few of them are.

  • Remote Desktop service is not running on the computer. These services allow you to take control of another computer through a virtual network. It seems Avast uses this service and if there is an issue, the problem might occur.
  • Corrupted Installation of Avast. There are several instances where the installation file gets corrupt or some files are missing
  • Third-party programs interrupting with the antivirus software
Solutions to Fix Avast UI Failed to Load Error

We have mentioned all the possible solutions of the related UI Failed query over here. Hence, do not move your cursor, just stay tuned with this page and keep continue reading out this blog:

  • Enable Remote Desktop Service

Remote Desktop Service plays a vital role in some operations of the computer. It is a core part of Windows in which several applications fail to run. This service might get disabled and that’s why, throw an error UI Failed to Load. So, make it enable with the help of below instructions:

  1. Press “Windows + R” first as doing so will open the dialog box
  2. Now, type “services.msc” into that box and then press “Enter”
  3. Search for the option “Remote Desktop Service” and give a right click on it
  4. Now, choose “Properties” from the list and make sure the service is running
  5. Press “Start” and set the setup type as “Automatic”
  6. Now, press “OK” button to make the save changes and then hit “exit”
  7. After doing that, restart your computer and try launching Avast again

If the same error still persists, then go through the below noted steps.


  • Reinstall Avast Antivirus

To do this, follow the given points:

  1. Download the Avast uninstall utility from the official website
  2. After downloading, boot your computer in Safe mode and run the program
  3. Now, run the uninstall utility which have downloaded
  4. After removing the software, install Avast again on your computer. Logged in as an administrator
  5. Restart your computer in normal mode after reinstalling and check if Avast is correctly working or not.

After following the above information, you can annihilate Avast UI Failed to Load issue. But if it is not disappeared yet, then make an instant call at Avast Support Number and get united with the technicians who have answered your call. They are the one who can eradicate all your hurdles from top-to-toe and m