The newer version of Avast Free Antivirus scans not only for the malware and other threats but also it scans for the PC performance. Now if Avast determines that your PC is slowing down for any reason, it will be Showing PC Performance Notifications in the system tray icon. It also suggests some another ways to improve the PC performance. You can opt for anyone of them if you want. When the notification displays, it sounds which is the most annoying part of the users and that’s why they all want to stop showing any type of notification related to PC performance. You can even click on the link to know the procedures of stop giving or displaying notifications.

Avast antivirus really provides good protection for your computers. It is one of the security products that accepted the web scanning practice very sooner than any other antivirus vendors. If you are eyeing for free antivirus protection, then you can close your eyes and rely on Avast Antivirus without doubting.

Methods To Stop Avast Antivirus from Showing PC Performance Notifications

In case you do not care for these performance improvement options from Avast, then you can simply disable this option from the settings. Here is how:

  • First of all give a double click on the icon “Avast Antivirus” in the notification area of Windows desktop
  • When Avast Antivirus window opens, click on the Menu to opt for ‘Settings’ option
  • Choose the “General” category from the left
  • Turn-off Scan for performance issues under the sub-category of Smart Scan
  • Tap on OK button to save the settings

After making these changes, Avast Antivirus will no longer scan your PC for slower performance and appear any notifications. This performance scan is a part of smart scan and tells you about the various things that can slow down your PC. It is able to find the junk files, redundant apps, ineffective system settings, outdated registry settings and more. Removing these items can improve your system performance. Contact our team member via dialing the accessible helpline number if finding the PC performance still slow.