Sometimes Avast antivirus may be trying to block some particular websites, program or web pages to run which you know is totally safe. Most probably, it’s because of the occurrence of low application in the Avast community. So than, Avast can’t notify properly if the program is safe or not, and will try to protect your computer against multiple threats. If some important sites you want to access but Avast blocks and stop running on your system, then visit the link where you will get required guidance to make the programs or websites unblocked.

Stop Avast 2019 From Blocking a Program or Website

Also, Avast identifies so-called ‘Potentially Unwanted Programs‘, which are actually wanted t6o be used. Such kind of problem happens when you open  popular games and services like League of Legends (LoL), Steam, GoG Galaxy, Minecraft, uTorrent, BitTorrent, Windows Update, Google, Java, Chrome and other launchers which are being often updated. When Avast blocks something, you will receive a pop-up notification informing you about the threat.

Procedure to Stop Avast 2019 From Blocking A Program, Website Or Internet
  • Invalid Certificate Issue Affected By The HTTPS Scan

Because of the invalid certificate Avast has been clocking various major websites. The full message ‘Avast Web Shield has blocked access to this page’ is being pop-up on the screen. Try the following steps to fix this issue:

  1. Update Avast antivirus to the latest version
  2. Disable HTTPS scanning by visiting “Settings” > “Active Protection” > “Web Shield” > “Customize” > “Main settings” and then Un-check the checkbox ‘Enable HTTPS scanning‘
  3. After doing so, restart your computer and then try to access that blocked site. It will now open without any obstacle
  • Solution of When Avast is Blocking Specific Website, Program or Game

There are two possible ways to unblock any program or website from Avast blocking. You can do it only when you are 100% sure that the blocked file is safe for you and your computer as well. Even though, if you have the own blocked site, doesn’t mean it wasn’t hacked and injected with dangerous malware. You can do the following things to unblock your wanted sites or programs:

  1. Add Blocked Program or Website to Exclusion List to make it unblock
  2. Turn Off Avast Protection temporarily
  3. Report a False Positive Detection to Avast

Alternatively, you can make direct connection to the tech-savvy. They are proficient enough to deal with all type of technical related glitches. To contact with them, you only need to place a call on our 24/7 accessible helpline number and then share all the complicated problems to them hassle-freely. They will proffer you one-stop solution at your door-step.