Yes, my friend! Now you can have Avast free antivirus software with high-ends security for your smartphone or tablet. As we know, different sensitive information we use to save in our mobile. And it would be a good idea to install some security software to protect all those fruitful information. Luckily, Avast Mobile Security appis available to keep pace with new multiple threats. It highly protects your android device against malicious apps and infected websites. It basically proffers several useful tools that you can run. Moreover, we are offering Avast Customer Support to the non-tech who get failed to install such software on their android device. With this help you can keep intruders away from your business.

Once you install and operate Avast Mobile Security apps in your mobile, you can scan your device for viruses, scan your Wi-Fi network for vulnerabilities, and also can lock specific apps so that no one can mess with them.To come to know how it will be performed, keep your eyes feast on this blog post. You will get to know the answer of the related query.

Methods ToProtect Your Android With Avast Mobile Security And Antivirus

Follow the below given instructions carefully as the desired directions are noted below. Therefore, let’s have a glimpse here:

  • Scan For Viruses
  • First of all launch Avast Mobile Security
  • Now, go to “Virus Scanner” from the main menu on the main screen
  • Now, enable scan types
  • After that run the scan by clicking on the “Run Scan” button from the middle of the screen
  • Now, once the scan process is done and problems are found, you will get notification
  • So, tap “Solve Problems” to resolve the infections found
  • Scanning The Network
  • Load Avast Mobile Security first
  • Go to “Wi-Fi” security
  • After that run a scan by clicking on the “Run Scan” button
  • Solve the problems by clicking on the “Solve Problems” if found any infected files
  • Locking Apps
  • Open Avast Mobile Security first
  • Now, click on the “App Locking” from the main menu
  • Select the apps by clicking on the checkbox you want to lock
  • Type four-digit PIN for lock and unlock the apps
  • After that, press the back button of your device to exit

Therefore, hassle-freely you can protect your mobile device with these written procedures. But in case you got stuck while performing the above tasks, you only have to look forward at Avast Customer Support Number and get your problem eradicated with the help of technicians.