Have you updated Avast antivirus software right now? After completing updating process, you have shut down your computer and then restart it again. Now, you launch Avast to scan your PC and protect it against viruses but suddenly getting an error message Avast UI Failed to Load. Encountering such type of problem is really embarrassing so, you may start wandering for help. We suggest you to obtain Avast Customer Support which is cost-effective and trustworthy service provider.

Avast Antivirus UI Failed to load Error

What type of computer screen is being shown when such an UI unable to load appears? You will find your computer screen black with displaying the error message “UI Failed to Load” and also saying “AV Service is not responding”. You know why this happens, it occurs due to an incorrect Windows Services Configuration. Lend a hand with dexterous tech-geeks as they will surely troubleshoot this problem.

Solutions of Avast UI Failed to Load Issue

Go through the given points if you eagerly want to fix this unloading problem of Avast antivirus. Your Avast antivirus software will surely load once you follow these below points. Therefore, have a glance here:

  • Open Run dialog box in your operating system and then type ‘services.msc’
  • Now, press “Enter” button after entering this one
  • In the Services Console, find ‘Remote Desktop Services’, once you get this option double-click on it
  • Set its Startup Type to ‘Automatic’ and make sure service status is running
  • Click “Start” button to running the service
  • After that click on “Apply” and then “OK” button to confirm the changes

Once you complete the above procedure and then restart your computer. Now, launch Avast for using it and you notice that UI loads without showing the error received previously. It would be the happiest moment of yours as you can access your Avast application without any errors or problem. But in case you get stuck while following the above step, then you can make direct connection with the technicians who are available 24/7 at Avast Customer Support Phone Number. As sooner as you call on this number, you will get instant handy remedy at an affordable cost.