Last night you were able to access Avast antivirus software in your Mac but today when you woke up and try to use this application for removing the virus, unfortunately get an error message “UI Failed to Load”. It is too much annoying and you may start searching the solutions of this error on the internet. But you might get failed due to not having enough technical knowledge. So, it is our recommendation to grasp Avast Customer Service from your comfort zone and take exact possible steps from certified tech-geeks. They are highly expert and fix your query immediately..

Avast Antivirus UI Failed to load Error

Causes Of Confronting Avast Antivirus “UI Failed to Load” Issue On Mac

Below are the main reasons with which your system show such type of error message on the computer screen. Have a glimpse:

  • Due to inappropriate Windows services configuration
  • When you try to restart the service manually
  • Due to some problematic file you may face UI failed to load issue

Solutions to Fix Avast Antivirus “UI Failed to Load” Issue On Mac

Simply follow the given written steps to fix the “UI Failed to Load” error from your PC. Take a glance on the noted points once:

  • First of all open the “Run” dialog on your Mac and then type “services.msc” into the search box. After that press “Enter” button
  • Locate the Services Console, find “Remote Desktop Services”
  • Double click on that option after finding it and then set its Startup type to “Automatic” and make sure service is running
  • Now, tap “Start” and launch Avast

After restarting your Mac device, when you run Avast, its UI loads without displaying any error message that you were received earlier. But in case you are experiencing any type of issue while following the above procedure, then contact qualified technicians via dialing Avast Customer Service Number. After than that you will get one-to-one connection with the techies and they will provide you handy remedy at no cost.