After being invaded by malicious contents, the Internet has taught many users to make their PCs secure with anti-virus programs. Avast is an award-winning program which helps you in protecting your PC against viruses or Trojans. What makes it special? The great thing about Avast antivirus is that it is available as a free version. It means you can use it at free of cost irrespective to pay any amount.

Avast supports to protect a PC by multiple threats which are getting through from internet. Well!It’s not common; there is always the possibility of hacking some genuine or legitimate website. This antivirus software scans every single piece of data that is inside in your PC. It scans so quickly that you won’t even notice while browsing. Avast Antivirus uses a File Shield tool to deal with the threats. Every time you execute a file, the tool immediately scans it and if malicious is found, it will instantly be removed. It is not necessary that you can frequently use this software means without facing any technical glitches. Yes my friend! You may confront some technically related hurdles while installing, uninstalling or disabling the Avast antivirus software. At that time you need to use Avast Support for availing the assistance in an appropriate manner.

Following are the issues that you may encounter while accessing Avast antivirus on your Windows. Don’t worry! We have mentioned the issues along with the perfect solutions so that in case you are facingproblem, can easily be eliminated. You should only stick your eyes on this blog instead of going here and there.

Avast Won’t Start Issue

Sometimes, Avast antivirus may unable to load or fails to start. At that point you should try to repair the software. To do so, follow the below procedure

  • Take your cursor on the “Start” button and click on it
  • Now type “Control Panel” into the “Search programs and files” box and click on that option
  • Now, go to the “Programs” and find the Avast Antivirus into the program installed list
  • And then simply uninstall the program by making right click on that option
  • Now, choose “Avast” from the following multiple programs and then select “Repair”
  • Once you are done with the above procedures, restart your computer device

After finishing the above steps, Avast Won’t Start Issue will surely be eliminated from the root. Therefore, it is recommended to not waste your precious time and money. Just go through these whole procedures and use your Avast antivirus software very frequently.

Avast Causes Black Screen On Windows

Most of the users have reported the problem of installing Avast on Windows leads to black screen issues. This is a very rare issue but if you face this problem, try the following solution-

  • First and Foremost you have to click on “Avast” icon in the taskbar and then open “Avast user interface”
  • After that go to the “Settings” option, move to “General” tab
  • Take your cursor to “Exclusions” option and then click add
  • After entering the add like-
  • C:\Windows\Explorer.exe and
  • C:\Windows\ImmersiveControlPanel\SystemSettings.exe.
  • Simply restart your device

Moreover, to get more reliable and trustworthy assistance, contact Avast Support Number. Such a number offered instant top-notch services to each and every helpless customer. So, don’t hesitate! Just feel free to call at this 24/7 accessible helpline number and get the exact possible answers without putting effort.

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