If you have downloaded Avast antivirus software in your PC, then there used to be a setting for Enable/Disable Automatic Updates in Avast. It is possibility that you might unable to find out the location of this option and need an instant support services from tech-savvy. Instead of getting associated with them, you can simply click on the link www.avast.com/support by sitting at your home and get the entire information of turning off or on the updated Avast antivirus.

Enable Disable Automatic Updates in Avast Antivirus

Avast Software Updater is a unique feature of Avast which can update the installed program automatically as well as manually. It automatically displays all your installed applications and checks if they are up-to-date. In automatic mode, you don’t need to do anything as it takes care of every program that is installed in system. While Manual mode is used in Avast Free Antivirus, Avast Pro Antivirus, and Avast Internet Security and it means that you have to click on every application and then perform an update.

Steps To Enable/Disable Automatic Updates in Avast Antivirus

Follow the below given procedures step by step so that you can able to do either enabling or disabling Automatic Updates feature. Have a brief glance here:

  • Disable Automatic Updates in Avast Antivirus

To bring your Avast antivirus disable of make it turn-off, go through the below-mentioned points:

  1. First of all you need to open “Avast User Interface”. You can do it simply by clicking on the “Options” > “Advanced Settings” > “Schedules”
  2. Now, opt for the option “Definition Update Schedule” and uncheck the box “Enable this task”
  3. After that press “OK” to save the changes
  • Enable Automatic Updates in Avast Antivirus

Perform the below instruction to turn the Avast antivirus updater ON so that the installed software can automatically be updated. Take a look at once:

  1. First of all right click on the Avast antivirus software icon
  2. Now, click “Avast User Interface” to open the interface of the antivirus program
  3. Click “Settings” from the upper right corner of the interface
  4. Now, click “Updates” in the left panel and tap “Details” to expand the section
  5. Make sure the box behind the option “Show Notification Box After Automatic Update” is checked mark. If it uncheck, mark it as check immediately
  6. At the end, click “OK” to save your changes

Once you did the above procedures, your Automatic Avast Antivirus Updates enabled or disabled. But in case you got stuck at some point while following these steps, then lend a hand with deft techies to avail reliable Avast Customer Support. The technical engineers are talented and having immense experience so your query will be tackled by them very effectively.